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  1. Constipation In A Four-Year-Old Girl ›

    Constipation can lead to painful and hard bowel movements, sometimes resulting in fissures that cause some bleeding from the rectum.

  1. Fever…From A Urinary Tract Infection ›

    The baby keeps running a fever with no other symptoms. What could it be?

  1. Mesenteric Adenitis…No Need For Surgery ›

    All the signs pointed to appendicitis. But wait---it could be something less invasive.

  1. What’s Up Doc ›

    A review of the pediatric literature.

  1. Acute Gastroenteritis ›

    Dr. Cox takes a look at gastroenteritis.

  1. Probiotics ›

    A quick look at probiotics.

  1. I Had the Flu Yesterday…Not! ›

    A look at viral gastroenteritis.

  1. Right-Sided Pain Is Not Always The Appendix ›

    Appendicitis is the great imitator. There is a classic presentation for acute appendicitis. However, it can take on the appearance of something entirely different.

  1. Coins Belong In The Piggy Bank ›

    Dr. Theriot relates a patient history demonstrating the dangers of swallowing coins.

  1. Here Comes Stinky! ›

    Dr. Samson looks at the different causes of encopresis.

  1. Giardia…Watch What You Drink ›

    Dr. Theriot examines the treatment for Giardia.

  1. Crohn’s Disease ›

    Teenagers have trouble accepting and managing any chronic illness. Crohn disease is an example.

  1. I Had The Flu…I Think ›

    A look at three patients and their "flu" symptoms.

  1. Appendicitis ›

    Dr. Theriot offers advice to a parent concerned their child might have appendicitis.

  1. Questions & Answers: Painful bowel movements ›

    Dr. Theriot gives reasons for painful bowel movements in children.

  1. Infectious Diarrhea ›

    A look at E.coli

  1. Recurrent Abdominal Pain ›

    Causes of recurrent abdominal pain in children.

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