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  1. What’s Up Doc? ›

    A pediatric publication sends disturbing articles to the public concerning toddlers being medicated for ADHD; “Chickenpox-Parties”; dangers of laser pointers.

  1. What’s Up Doc? ›

    1) There is a great need to improve the quality of ADHD care received by children. 2) The great value of pneumococcal conjugated vaccine.

  1. What’s Up Doc? ›

    The risks in delaying measles vaccination/ the ADHD adolescent who neglects to take his meds.

  1. The “Many” Medications for ADHD ›

    Misinformation can lead one to believe there are many different medications to help ADHD. In fact, there are only two.

  1. Canada Halts Adderall Sales ›

    How Canada's halt on Adderall sales effects decisions in our office.

  1. It’s More Than Just ADD…Think Of Learning Disabilities ›

    A child with ADD can have control of the symptoms with the proper medication. However, very often these same children can have auditory or visual processing problems which must be addressed.

  1. A New Drug For ADHD? ›

    INTUNIV may prove ideal for patients who have combined Tourette's syndrome and ADHD.

  1. Facts About Melatonin As A Sleep Aid, Part 2 ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at Melatonin in part two or this article.

  1. Facts About Melatonin As A Sleep Aid ›

    Dr. Theriot examines Melatonin's usage as a sleep aid.

  1. What’s Up Doc? ›

    A review of the pediatric literature.

  1. Daytrana—The New Patch for ADHD ›

    A new transdermal patch improves control of ADHD symptoms.

  1. Clear the Fog On Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ›

    A look at the recommendations before taking medication for ADHD syndromes.

  1. Patching Up ADD ›

    A look at Daytrana, a transdermal patch of Ritalin.

  1. New Treatment for ADD? ›

    An overview of some of the commonly used medications for ADD/ADHD.

  1. The Basis Of Sleep Problems ›

    An examination of research into the links between sleep problems and behavior and emotional health.

  1. Should’t There Be A Blood Test For ADHD? ›

    An examination of medical tests for ADHD.

  1. Current Research On ADHD ›

    A quick look at ADHD.

  1. Early Medication Treatment for ADHD ›

    How understanding and treatment of ADHD has evolved since the 1930s.

  1. Early History of ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ›

    Dr. Welty examines the literature for early diagnoses of ADHD.

  1. Does Television Exposure Provoke ADHD Behaviors? ›

    A look into any causes between ADHD behavior and television viewing.

  1. ADD? But She Gets Mostly A’s! ›

    Even though a student is getting A's and B's this doesn't preclude them from possibly having ADD.

  1. What Does The Pediatric Medical Literature Tell Us? ›

    Some quick summaries from pediatric studies.

  1. What is the Future for Your Hyperactive Child? ›

    A follow-up study takes a look at whether childhood ADHD symptoms persist into adulthood.

  1. The Treatment Of ADD—Every Case Is Different, Part 2 ›

    Dr, Theriot continues an examination of the treatments for ADD.

  1. The Treatment Of ADD—Every Case Is Different, Part 1 ›

    Dr. Theriot begins an overview of treatments for ADD.

  1. Beware Of False Hope ›

    A realistic look at learning disorders.

  1. Strattera and the ADD Patient ›

    Strattera has been a significant addition to the therapeutic armamentarium for Attention Deficit Disorder.

  1. More Than We Bargained For ›

    A child with a diagnosis of ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity, frequently has other diagnoses as well.

  1. Current Research On The Treatment Of ADHD ›

    Dr. Welty looks at current ADHD treatment options.

  1. Parenting the Child With ADHD ›

    Parenting a child with an attention deficit disorder is challenging. Here are some interventions that can assist parents.

  1. ADHD and Gifted Children ›

    A look at gifted and ADHD traits.

  1. An Underachieving Sixth-Grader…More Than Attention Deficit Disorder ›

    How a few classroom changes, along with the right prescription, have made a difference.

  1. Children with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ›

    A look at OCD in children.

  1. Autism Part II: What Happens After The Diagnosis Is Made ›

    The appropriate course to follow if a parent suspects their child may have autism or another developmental disorder.

  1. New Medication For ADHD Disorder ›

    Strattera appears to be well tolerated, when compared to conventional ADHD medications.

  1. Autism: Basic Facts For Informed Parents ›

    It is currently believed the 3-to-20 genes may contribute to susceptibility to autism.

  1. Sleep Problems And ADD ›

    Dr. Welty examines whether sleep problems are linked to ADD.

  1. Fragile X Syndrome ›

    Exploring the most commonly known cause of inherited developmental disability.

  1. Secretin Use In Autism ›

    At this time there does not appear to be strong evidence that secretin is a useful agent in addressing the symptoms of autism.

  1. No One Can Read His Scribbling ›

    A look at the improvements brought on by Ritalin.

  1. Directives For The Autistic Child ›

    A look at the case of an autistic child in a school district that cannot facilitate him.

  1. The Slow Learner ›

    About 22 or 23% of the population falls into a range that educators label low average or borderline. This means that the child will not learn as easily or as well as his same-age peers. When parents understand how to appropriately assist and advocate for their child, both child and parents experience less frustration and discouragement.

  1. All Of A Sudden The ADD Medicine Stopped Working ›

    Dr. Samson looks at some of the reasons why ADD medicines seem to stop working.

  1. Obsessive-compulsive Behavior ›

    A look at the symptoms of OCD.

  1. School Age Children and Learning Disability ›

    One of the most puzzling aspects of children with a learning disability is their inconsistency in or unpredictability of their abilities. We look at steps you can take to succeed.

  1. You Are What You Eat ›

    Dr. Samson explores the behavioral changes that can occur when avoiding certain foods, including the alleviation of ADHD behavior.

  1. Bipolar Disorder: Does It “Happen” To Children? ›

    An examination of bipolar disorder, its diagnosis and treatment in children.

  1. College Students and A.D.D. ›

    There are many misconceptions about ADHD and stimulant therapy. The problem rests in an accurate diagnosis.

  1. Scanning The Journals: ADHD; Chickenpox ›

    Dr. Samson scans the journals for articles of interest to parents.

  1. Bipolar Disorder: Assessment and Treatment in Adolescence; Second in Series ›

    This article addresses the particular difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in the teen population.

  1. The Great Pretender ›

    A look at a case of A.D.D. and dyslexia.

  1. A.D.D. Fact or Fiction? ›

    An examination of the debate over A.D.D.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Father’s Role; Growth-Hormone Deficiency; ADHD ›

    A recap of recent pediatric literature.

  1. A Teacher’s Toil With ADHD ›

    A teacher looks at the behavior of an unmedicated ADHD child.

  1. Scanning The Journals: ADHD; Strep Tests; Trampolines ›

    Dr. Samson examines the pediatric literature.

  1. A.D.D. And the Medical Literature Over the Past Two Years: A “Scanning the Journals” Feature Article ›

    A look at the pediatric literature on A.D.D.

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