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  1. Infection As Cause For Developmental Malformation ›

    Once thought to be a genetic cause, now believed to be an infection.

  1. When Pneumonia Looks Like Appendicitis ›

    All signs indicated that he needed an appendectomy. And then the doctors performed a CT scan on his abdomen.

  1. It’s Not Chicken Pox and It’s Not Scabies…Hot Tub Folliclitis ›

    Hot tub Folliculitis is a localized infection of the hair follicle caused by a specific bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is a water-loving organism.

  1. Antibiotics: Friend Or Foe? ›

    You have an infection. The drippy nose goes on and on. Why hasn’t the antibiotic done any good?

  1. What A Strange Place For Strep ›

    This is a common skin infection that affects children from six months to 10 years of age. It is a bacteria that causes the classic strep throat, but is not a systemic infection.

  1. Your Child Is Sick. So Can He Go To School? The Updated Guidelines On When To Exclude Ill Children ›

    No parent WANTS to send their sick child to day care or school, but all parents know that sometimes you HAVE to. If all sick children had to stay home, parents would likely almost never get to work and kids would miss much of their education.

  1. Don’t Push the Panic Button ›

    Panic is not a practical tool when countering diseases.

  1. MRSA: Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus Where Does It Come From? Part II ›

    Families who have experienced a MRSA infection should follow a few simple procedures in an attempt to avoid repeat infection.

  1. MRSA: Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus, Part 1 ›

    Part one of a two-part article on MRSA.

  1. More Information From Pediatric Medical Literature: Diagnosis Before Treatment of Sore Throat? ›

    Why it's important to diagnose group A Streptococcus pharyngitis before beginning antibiotic treatment.

  1. Ocean Water And Your Health ›

    There are state standards for three types of bacterial indicator species. These will determine whether or not a beach remains open or closed for retesting. Be aware.

  1. Vegetarianism ›

    To classify oneself as a vegetarian you must understand the benefits as well as the deficiencies in this life style.

  1. Resistant Staph: A New Plague? ›

    A look at resistant MRSA.

  1. Measles…In the Year 2002? ›

    Measles can be a devastating disease, especially for the younger patients.

  1. Up Your Nose ›

    When a patient comes into the office with sniffles, Dr. Theriot finds more than he expects.

  1. Meningococcal Disease - Part Two ›

    Part two.

  1. Antibiotics…Or Not? ›

    A look at the decisions doctors make in determining whether a patient requires antibiotics.

  1. Meningococcal Disease - Part One ›

    A brief overview of N. meningitides, the disease it causes, the vaccine that is currently available, and the preventive measures used when it occurs. Part one of two.

  1. Scanning the Journals: Antibiotics; Air Guns; Delayed School Entry ›

    Dr. Samson reviews journal entires on a variety of topics of interest to parents.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Antibiotics ›

    A mystery is solved, and the family dog regains its health.

  1. Question & Answer: Measles ›

    Is it measles?

  1. Questions & Answers: Tuberculosis ›

    What to do if your child's friend tests positive for TB?

  1. Infectious Diarrhea ›

    A look at E.coli

  1. Quarters and Nickels: Test for Meningitis ›

    To allay the fear of possible meningitis here are some at-home tests to report to your doctor.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Strep; ADHD; Tree Swing Injuries ›

    Dr. Samson reviews articles of interest in pediatrics.

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