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  1. Fostering Independent Reading At Home ›

    Independent reading is not a passion that all kids are born with. A lot of children learn HOW to read but lose interest in continuing to read for a variety of reasons. Find out more about the first steps to fostering an appreciation for independent reading at home.

  1. Fostering Independent Reading At Home, Part II ›

    Last week we reviewed reasons your child may have for disliking independent reading at home. To continue this subject:

  1. Coping With Academic Stress ›

    How can you, as the parent, balance your own stress levels in a healthy and sustainable way so that you can continue to support and advocate for your child without unleashing the stress on him?

  1. Using Centers To Differentiate The Classroom ›

    In most elementary school classrooms, parents can expect the teacher to design educational centers to better meet the personal needs of her students. What happens at a center? Will my child be challenged or feel safe? Read on to hear more about this instructional strategy.

  1. Troubleshooting The Crowded Classroom ›

    With class sizes in many schools increasing, you may be wondering how to ensure a personal educational experience for your child. Find out what you, as a parent, can do to support your child and help meet his educational needs more fully.

  1. A Guide To 21st Century Skills In Education, Part 2 ›

    Last month we looked at collaboration, critical thinking and differentiation as referring to the guide to 21st century skills in education. Let us continue.

  1. A Guide To 21st Century Skills In Education ›

    In order to navigate your child’s education, it is helpful to be “in the know” when it comes to hot topics or popular terms being used in classrooms and educational settings. Read on to find out the basics of some of the buzz words being tossed around the 21st Century classroom.

  1. Anxiety In The Classroom ›

    If your child is complaining about stress and anxiety in the classroom, then it is time for you to evaluate the extent to which she is involved both at school and in the extracurricular arena. Sometimes, the stress isn’t triggered by the classroom but by the overcommitted nature of her daily life. Take the time now to help your child prioritize her commitments and start to set some personal boundaries.

  1. What To Expect On Back To School Night ›

    Back to School Night is a special opportunity that teachers and administrators take to make personal contact with parents and disseminate key information about curriculum, instruction, and classroom expectations. Attending the event as a parental team is key to communicating that the family is on board with the plans for the year. Read on to find out about asking questions and finding out what to expect on the big night.

  1. The Power Of Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone ›

    So many of us relish in the comfort zones we create in our lives. How often, though, do you push yourself out of these self-created comfort zones? Or better yet, how often do you ask your children to step outside of their comfort zones? I challenge you to find ways this summer to help your children take risks and try new activities because it is through these decisions that true, organic self-confidence and growth is achieved.

  1. Happy Homes During The Summer Months ›

    We all know that kids are really excited to start their vacation the moment school gets out. They’ve worked hard throughout the school year, and now it’s time to let the body and mind unwind and recharge before the start of the next session. For some, though, the time off slowly evolves into boredom and loneliness. So, how do you set your child up to not drive himself, and you, crazy over the next few months?

  1. Summer-itis ›

    No matter how patient and logical you are, it’s a challenge to get your child to remember that the last month of school is still a viable part of his yearlong education. The school community is reeling with year-end events that seem to throw your youngster into the depths of anti-routine. Even though the unspoken message your child may perceive is that ”school’s out,” it is so important the message your child clearly receives at home is that “school’s still very much in session.”

  1. Education In The Digital Age ›

    The Digital Age is here to stay and, as a parent, you should feel informed enough and empowered to guide your child through this cultural and social revolution. The concept of “Blended Learning” refers to a mixing of instructional strategies in the classroom that balances face-to-face instruction with online resources and tools. The words engagement, communication, and preparation come to mind when thinking about how to best understand the reasoning behind this digital movement. Together with your child and his teacher, you can create a dynamic force to access the best quality resources available today.

  1. Five Tips To A Successful Parent-Teacher-Student Conference ›

    With teamwork, there’s no problem that can’t be solved. This article offers five helpful tips to help you, the parent, bridge your child’s learning experiences at home and at school. Learn some strategies to get you ready for parent-teacher-student conferences and hold your child accountable for his role in the learning process.

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