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  1. Choking Prevention ›

    Choking is the leading cause of injury that results in death for children younger than one year of age. Parents must be aware of common choking hazards and take preventive measures to avoid a choking accident.

  1. Winter Coughs That Won’t Go Away ›

    Yes, it’s true that there are plenty of winter viruses causing colds and coughs, but know when to say when…

  1. Pertussis In California…Now An Epidemic ›

    How preventable is this infectious illness?

  1. Premature Breast Development In Infants And Toddlers ›

    Breast bumps in infants, babies, and toddlers…a few things to think about before the teen years.

  1. What’s Up Doc ›

    A review of the pediatric literature.

  1. Your Teen Decides To Quit Smoking: What Can A Parent Do To Help? ›

    Dr. Welty explores useful tips for helping your teen kick the habit.

  1. Smoke-Free Cars With Minors Law ›

    A new law entitled “Smoke-free Cars with Minors” prohibits smoking in a car when a child under seventeen years is present.

  1. Smoke and Flames Across The Ridge ›

    The dangers of wild fires for children.

  1. Is Asthma Related To Depression? ›

    Dr. Welty looks at research correlating asthma and depression.

  1. Bothersome Big Breasts ›

    A look at three cases.

  1. Low Humidity and Respiratory Difficulties ›

    When the humidity falls below 40% the appearance of nasal, throat and lung symptoms increases. During the winter months, when we are faced with decreased moisture in the air due to furnace and heater use, we must try to keep the humidity above this level. A simple method of monitoring room humidity is discussed.

  1. Costochronditis In A Cheerleader ›

    This is a self-limiting inflammatory process that will resolve on its own in time. Some cases are caused by a virus. Others are a result of overuse of the muscles in the chest.

  1. Teen Breast Lumps ›

    A breast lump immediately under the nipple in a teen is usually a benign issue if other signs of sexual development are absent. It is always prudent to consult your pediatrician if you encounter this in your child.

  1. Breast Tissue In The Adolescent Male ›

    Dr. Welty looks at breast tissue development in adolescent males.

  1. Question & Answer: Hyperventilation ›

    Hyperventilation usually starts with anxiety, frustration, excitement, fatigue, anger, exertion, or fright. Sometimes it seem totally unprovoked.

  1. Croup…A Parent’s Nightmare ›

    Typically seen in the winter months, croup is a viral infection. It is important to contact your doctor with any questions.

  1. Chest Pains ›

    Chest pain in a teenager does not usually indicate heart or lung disease if it is very short in duration and an isolated finding.

  1. Chest Pain In Children ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at various causes for chest pain in children.

  1. Off the Sidelines And Into The Game: A Look At Exercise-Induced Asthma ›

    EIA is a relatively common condition that affects all ages. It tends to be more "ominous" in children because its onset is sudden.

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