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  1. Preventing Tobacco, Alcohol And Drug Use…The 6G’s Guide For Parents ›

    It is a fact…teenage alcohol and drug use are extremely common…in all ages, races, and social classes. MOST parents have no idea their child is using alcohol or drugs until things get out of control.

  1. When Your Infant Won’t Sleep ›

    Obviously, a new baby in the house will be the reason for sleep deprived parents. The infant simply will not fall asleep without being held and cradled. Somehow this habit must come to an end---but how?

  1. How Can I Gain Control Of My Child’s Eating Habits, Part 2 ›

    Last week we discussed identifying possible overweight issues with my child. Today we will touch on bringing control to the problem.

  1. How Can I Gain Control Of My Child’s Eating Habits? Part 1 ›

    Is my child overweight? If so, what can I do to bring the child’s weight under control?

  1. Tracking Behavioral Traits ›

    My child’s wild behavior causes a great deal of stress in our family. Should I expect this behavior to settle down or subside as he grows older?

  1. My Baby Needs That Sleep Time Bottle ›

    She simply will not fall asleep unless she has that bottle with her in bed. Surely there can be no harm in that. Or is there?

  1. Child Safety: Being Aware Of Your Surroundings ›

    Young people always seem to be “plugged in” these days. Be that the case--how aware are they of their environment?

  1. Childhood Obesity Trends ›

    A quick look at the growing issue of childhood obesity.

  1. Do I Love My Child Enough To Discipline? ›

    A look at effective discipline techniques.

  1. Cyber Bullying, Part 2 ›

    Part two of our look at cyber bullying.

  1. Cyber Bullying ›

    Part one of a two-part examination of cyber bullying.

  1. The 5 D’s of Discipline: Teaching the Concept of “No” ›

    Dr. Livingston reviews five concepts that help reveal the power of saying "no."

  1. A Dinnertime Topic for Discussion: Have You Heard of the Choking Game? ›

    Know the warning signs of children playing the choking game.

  1. Elements Of Love ›

    Tips on effective parenting strategies.

  1. Five Do’s That Always (Almost ) Work ›

    Achieve your parenting goals with these tried and true techniques.

  1. Who’s in Charge Here? ›

    The hallmark of effective parenting is a consistent and unified approach by both parents.

  1. Is Your Child a Fire Bug? ›

    Experts have concluded that a heightened interest and curiosity in fire is a significant predictor of the frequency and intensity of participants' fire involvement.

  1. Revealing the Choking Game ›

    The extreme dangers of The Choking Game.

  1. Graduated Driver’s License Law ›

    A look at the purpose of California law SB 1329.

  1. Discipline: The Right Time, The Right Place ›

    Honing the skills of effective discipline and using them consistently brings positive results and keeps the parent/child relationship one of mutual respect and trust.

  1. Ask For What You Want ›

    How to set an example to our children for making respectful, appropriate requests.

  1. Gambling And Your Child ›

    Dr. Cox examines the changing nature of gambling and how are children are affected by this change.

  1. Ecstasy: Recreational Use and Its Consequences ›

    Many teens are under the impression that ecstasy is a recreational drug that may be used socially without any ill effects. This is a dangerous misconception that is being detailed extensively by scientific research into ecstasy’s neurological effects.

  1. Cough Syrup Abuse ›

    Dr. Cox looks at the dangers of cough syrup abuse.

  1. When She Parents His Kids ›

    The responsibility of parenting your spouse or significant other’s children is a process. Rarely does the new family look like the fantasy that you and your partner had when you decided to become a couple.

  1. Parenting Another Man’s Kids ›

    Step-parenting or parenting the children of a significant other takes courage, patience, and maturity. Here are tips.

  1. The Power Of Saying “Yes” ›

  1. When Saying “No” Doesn’t Work ›

    Do you ever wonder why you have to say “no” to your child several times before she responds?

  1. Dealing With Bullies* ›

    Skills children can learn to safeguard themselves against a bully.

  1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T ›

    Guidelines to assist you in creating and maintaining a climate of respect in your family.

  1. Code of Discipline - part 2 ›

    How to establish appropriate discipline for your child, part two.

  1. Code of Discipline - part 1 ›

    How to establish appropriate discipline for your child.

  1. When My Child Steals ›

    Expert advice on how to deal with a child who steals.

  1. The Clinging Daycare Child ›

    This article deals with the guilt and pain of leaving a child in the care of daycare helpers that so many parents must endure today.

  1. Terrorism: Helping Our Children To Cope ›

    Tips for parents whose children are experiencing reactions to hearing about terrorism.

  1. Kids In A Plane ›

    Observations on air travel with children.

  1. In The Face Of Tragedy ›

    How to deal with tragedy.

  1. Stop The Squabbling ›

    How ignoring conflicts and rewarding positive behavior can lead to a real difference in family harmony.

  1. Once The Game Begins, You Can’t Change The Rules ›

    A look at the essential ingredients to responsible parenting.

  1. When Children Tantrum, Part 2 ›

    Older children who tantrum are discouraged. They don’t know how to get their needs met through appropriate behavior. Parents can assist their child to learn positive ways of getting the attention, power and control that he wants. The process may not be quick, but with commitment, consistency, and follow through harmony can reign in your family.

  1. When Children Tantrum, Part 1 ›

    Temper tantrums in children often bring out parental feelings of inadequacy, helplessness, or revenge. These responses do not effectively assist a child during a tantrum. In this two-part article, we will explore strategies that allow both parent and child to emerge from a tantrum in integrity. This month focuses on tantrums in the very young child.

  1. Help! My Kid Won’t Eat ›

    Gain confidence in your ability to handle the picky eater.

  1. Questions and Answers: Discipline ›

    Dr. Samson answers a patient's question about how to handle disciplining her child.

  1. When Your Child Is Afraid To Leave You ›

    Strategies to apply to help you and your child during this time of transition.

  1. When Children Steal: Part 2 ›

    Knowing what lies behind stealing helps parents recognize patterns that may be occurring in other parts of their child’s life. It also assists them in understanding needs that aren’t being met in his life so that you can teach him to meet them in socially appropriate and effective ways.

  1. When Children Steal: Part 1 ›

    Parents experience a multitude of feelings when they learn that their child took something that doesn’t belong to him. When they know how to handle the situation, their confidence is not shaken by the unfortunate news.

  1. Setting Limits With Your Teen ›

    An examination on setting and enforcing limits with your teen.

  1. Violence Begets Violence? ›

    Ways of coping with on-screen violence.

  1. Discipline ›

    How to develop a uniform and consistent disciplinary approach.

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