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  1. Vocal Cord Nodules ›

    My very active child has a persistent raspy voice. Should I be concerned?

  1. Halitosis ›

    My three-year-old son has bad breath. We brush his teeth after every meal, and he recently had a dental check-up where the dentist found no cavities or other problems. His problem is really quite obvious. Should we start him on a mouthwash or an antibiotic?

  1. What’s Up Doc? ›

    Firearm injuries obviously require hospitalization. / How effective is xylitol syrup in reducing acute otitis media?. / What is the effect of cognitive activity level on duration of post-concussion symptoms?

  1. She Wants Her Ears Pierced ›

    Piercings are very popular these days, among both boys and girls. In order to have some control, at what age should a parent allow the child to have it done?

  1. Ear Infections…Outer Ear Versus Inner Ear ›

    There is a decided difference in an outer ear versus inner ear infection. Treatment for either should apply to bring relief from the pain.

  1. The Ear Infection That Won’t Go Away ›

    There are times when ear infections may persist or recur. New research gives important insight into these cases.

  1. The Infected Ear ›

    The big day is coming when your child will be responsible enough to get the ears pierced. But some kids react and infection takes over. What to do?

  1. Different Causes of Ear Drainage ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at three cases of ear drainage, all with different causes and treatments.

  1. Snoring In A Two-Year Old—A Problem, Or Not? ›

    When a person sleeps and is relaxed, the upper airways can somewhat collapse on themselves, narrowing the passageway for air into the lungs. Large adenoids further compromise the airway.

  1. Sinusitis in Children: Often Times Things Aren’t Always As They Appear ›

    The treatment of sinusitis deserves special attention. A true sinus infection must be treated with 14 - 21 days of antibiotics.

  1. Removing His Tonsils Altered His Personality ›

    A look at emotional and behavioral improvements after the removal of tonsils.

  1. Universal Newborn Hearing Screening ›

    A look at what a newborn infant screening entails.

  1. Allergic vs Vasomotor Rhinitis ›

    Dr. Samson takes a look at rhinitis and the treatments available.

  1. Tympanostomy Tubes: The Five W’s ›

    Dr. Murphy explores the most common surgical procedure performed on children.

  1. Tonsillectomy ›

    Dr. Welty calms concerns about the safety of anesthesia during a tonsillectomy.

  1. Up Your Nose ›

    When a patient comes into the office with sniffles, Dr. Theriot finds more than he expects.

  1. Stopping Nosebleeds ›

    Dr. Samson looks at how to treat and prevent nosebleeds.

  1. TMJ Syndrome ›

    A look at diagnosing TMJ syndrome.

  1. Newborn Hearing ›

    Hearing loss is one of the more common congenital abnormalities that is seen in newborns, occurring in around 1-3/1000 live births.

  1. Myth Busting: Does Milk Make Mucus? ›

    Dr. Samson's advice on whether to withhold dairy products from your sick child.

  1. Ear Infections ›

    A look at options for reducing ear infections, including removing adenoids and ventilation-tube surgery.

  1. Questions and Answers: Ear Problems and Allergies ›

    Dr. Samson answers the question of whether milk allergies could cause ear problems.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Propeller Nose ›

    The things three-year-olds think to put up their nose.

  1. Questions & Answers: Honey on Pacifiers; Ear Infections ›

  1. Round Table Discussion On Why Children Get Ear Infections ›

    A look at ear infections from the perspective of three doctors.

  1. Tonsils And Adenoids…When To Do Surgery: A Pediatrician’s Perspective ›

    In the case of large tonsils and adenoids, the decision to do surgery is one that must be made on an individual basis, as each case is different.

  1. You Have To Laugh ›

    A humorous look at ear exams.

  1. Sore Throats In Children ›

    A look a different reasons for a sore throat.

  1. Myth Busting: Runny Nose ›

    Nasal drainage can appear cloudy due to other causes than a bacterial infection.

  1. Question & Answer: Coughs ›

    Dr. Theriot answers a question about chronic coughs.

  1. Question about Hearing Tests ›

    Dr. Theriot answers a question about hearing tests in toddlers.

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