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  1. Time to Recover ›

    Our children are inundated with such tight schedules they suffer from lack of down time. Help them to work out a balanced time schedule.

  1. When Protein In The Urine Is Not A Bad Thing—Postural Proteinuria ›

    Protein in the urine—what does it mean?

  1. Unconditional Regard ›

    How to establish self-esteem in our children.

  1. What’s Up Doc? ›

    The risks in delaying measles vaccination/ the ADHD adolescent who neglects to take his meds.

  1. The Value Of A Teaching Hospital ›

    Any Children’s Hospital with pediatric residents involved is an asset for the health of your child. One should be grateful and respectful toward these dedicated physicians.

  1. Pediatric Medical Center Allergy Handbook ›

    My son had hives one year ago. Last week he was on amoxil for an ear infection and got hives. His doctor said he should not get any penicillin for the rest of his life. Is this so? The first time he had hives he wasn’t on any medication.

  1. What’s Up, Doc? ›

    There is some question as to children’s cognitive development being effected by breastfeeding. True or false? 2) The inappropriate use of a laser pointer has caused one child lose of visual acuity. One must be aware of such behavior.

  1. Negative Self-Talk In Children ›

    Occasionally children say to their parents, “I am a horrible child,” or use other self-negating statements. How are parents to respond? First, determine what the child wants from the self-accusation.

  1. The Worry-Wart ›

    What is a parent suppose to do when the child refuses to go to school, crying and having an upset stomach every morning? Why is he so afraid to leave home?

  1. What’s Up, Doc? ›

    Three articles appearing in PEDIATRICS magazine to enlighten our readers on the health and care of their children.

  1. Ear Infections…Outer Ear Versus Inner Ear ›

    There is a decided difference in an outer ear versus inner ear infection. Treatment for either should apply to bring relief from the pain.

  1. The Peanut Butter Kid ›

    The radical change in my child’s disposition has me concerned as to the cause. What became of my sweet little angel to change into a cranky ol’ frog?

  1. Bicycle Safety For All Ages: Infants, Children and Adolescents ›

    School has begun and children are again riding their bikes with vigor. This is a good time to review the safety rules that apply to all bike riders.

  1. What’s Up, Doc ›

    Dr. Samson reviews recent journal articles, including the topics of pediatric medication exposure, concussions, and immunizations.

  1. Uncontrollable Shaking ›

    Unexpected stresses can subject one to innumerable reactions. Be it physical or psychological reactions, help is needed to deal with them.

  1. How Can I Gain Control Of My Child’s Eating Habits, Part 2 ›

    Last week we discussed identifying possible overweight issues with my child. Today we will touch on bringing control to the problem.

  1. How Can I Gain Control Of My Child’s Eating Habits? Part 1 ›

    Is my child overweight? If so, what can I do to bring the child’s weight under control?

  1. Kids And Heroes ›

    Everyone needs heroes. Those we choose as our heroes follow a developmental model. Through all stages of choosing them, the qualities the hero expresses remain the same.

  1. Sudden Onset Of Allergies ›

    For the past three months my nine-year-old son wakes up sneezing about 20 times. His nose is stuffed and he has to breathe through his mouth. Perhaps he is allergic to dust, like me. Should I pull up the carpet in his room and take down the curtains?

  1. Heel Pain ›

    With soccer season in full swing, many a player will begin complaining of heel pain. How serious is this, and how can it be avoided?

  1. Male Puberty Development ›

    Attempting to categorize a child’s pubertal development by his or her age is very difficult.

  1. I Hate Homework! ›

    Homework tends to create more parent/child conflict than any other school-related issue. Steps can be taken to relieve the tension around the “H” word--homework.

  1. It’s More Than Just ADD…Think Of Learning Disabilities ›

    A child with ADD can have control of the symptoms with the proper medication. However, very often these same children can have auditory or visual processing problems which must be addressed.

  1. Troubleshooting The Crowded Classroom ›

    With class sizes in many schools increasing, you may be wondering how to ensure a personal educational experience for your child. Find out what you, as a parent, can do to support your child and help meet his educational needs more fully.

  1. Fast Facts: The Kindergarten Physical ›

    It’s a time of excitement, joy, and apprehension for the whole family. Here’s what to expect at your pediatrician’s office after the kindergarten orientation, application and decision is made…now it’s time for the physical!!

  1. Good Habits Create Good Students ›

    With a willingness to develop routines and schedules, parents assist with their child’s brain development by establishing patterns that maximize potential and lead toward lifelong success.

  1. Vaginitis In A 5-Year-Old ›

    Young girls often complain of painful urination that is frequent and urgent. While this may be the sign of a bladder infection necessitating antibiotics, it is also the sign of vaginitis, a more common and benign condition that does NOT require antibiotics. This article discusses vaginitis, the causes and the treatment.

  1. Gardasil Vaccine For The Girls And The Guys ›

    The Gardasil vaccine is now being officially recommended for administration to boys. Learn when, how and why children are being protected.

  1. History Repeats Itself ›

    Measles outbreak is back! And California leads the nation in contracting this contagious disease.

  1. Nuts & Bolts Of Homeschooling ›

    Most methods of homeschooling fit into one of four categories. The choice you make should depend on your family dynamics.

  1. The Role of Residents In A Hospital ›

    Just how important are the residents and interns in a hospital? I know they are there to learn, but are the patients at the mercy of their learning?

  1. To Homeschool Or Not To Homeschool—That Is The Question ›

    Time and time again I am asked the title question. After years of experience talking to parents who are either for or against this method of education the following concepts have evolved.

  1. The Twelve Gifts of Self ›

    A reminder of what the true importance of life is.

  1. Fever Is Our Friend: How Come Reptiles Are Smarter Than Humans? ›

    Due to the large volume of phone calls from our patients regarding FEVER, we will be running this article again! This is a topic that needs to be addressed every cold weather season. It is time for a clearer understanding of the topic of elevated body temperature.

  1. Anxiety In The Classroom ›

    If your child is complaining about stress and anxiety in the classroom, then it is time for you to evaluate the extent to which she is involved both at school and in the extracurricular arena. Sometimes, the stress isn’t triggered by the classroom but by the overcommitted nature of her daily life. Take the time now to help your child prioritize her commitments and start to set some personal boundaries.

  1. Probiotics – Useful Or Just Costly? ›

    What do the studies say about the usefulness of probiotics?

  1. Choking Prevention ›

    Choking is the leading cause of injury that results in death for children younger than one year of age. Parents must be aware of common choking hazards and take preventive measures to avoid a choking accident.

  1. A Recipe For Success ›

    Examine the essential elements to make a school year successful.

  1. Here Comes School Again With Its Demands! ›

    September is here and so is school. Those extra curricular activities are great, but what priority do they become in your family?

  1. Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire ›

    Sandra Smith discusses kids' lies, why children lie, and how to deal with persistent lying.

  1. The Myth of Simplification ›

    Many of us live with the belief that life could be simple. We think that if we organized or balanced our many responsibilities and desires differently, life would be less complicated. Life is not simple There are tools we can use that will provide a greater feeling of simplicity which opens up the space for less stress and more joy.

  1. The Power Of Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone ›

    So many of us relish in the comfort zones we create in our lives. How often, though, do you push yourself out of these self-created comfort zones? Or better yet, how often do you ask your children to step outside of their comfort zones? I challenge you to find ways this summer to help your children take risks and try new activities because it is through these decisions that true, organic self-confidence and growth is achieved.

  1. Please Ask The Right Question! ›

    Most of us spend our entire lives asking ourselves one wrong question after another. This leads to frustration, non-achievement of goals and sometimes outburst behavior to others.

  1. Happy Homes During The Summer Months ›

    We all know that kids are really excited to start their vacation the moment school gets out. They’ve worked hard throughout the school year, and now it’s time to let the body and mind unwind and recharge before the start of the next session. For some, though, the time off slowly evolves into boredom and loneliness. So, how do you set your child up to not drive himself, and you, crazy over the next few months?

  1. What Is Impetigo, Part 2 ›

    Impetigo can be contagious and threatening. The pediatrician can determine which main type is presented and how serious the case is. Let us look at the treatment of this infection.

  1. Teaching Kids The Skill of Decision-Making ›

    Teaching children to make wise decisions is part of effective parenting. Learning the skill begins in toddler hood. As children grow older, having the tools to make wise decisions helps them evaluate the choices they face.

  1. What Is Impetigo? ›

    No excerpt.

  1. Summer-itis ›

    No matter how patient and logical you are, it’s a challenge to get your child to remember that the last month of school is still a viable part of his yearlong education. The school community is reeling with year-end events that seem to throw your youngster into the depths of anti-routine. Even though the unspoken message your child may perceive is that ”school’s out,” it is so important the message your child clearly receives at home is that “school’s still very much in session.”

  1. Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura ›

    Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura is a childhood vasculitis that affects children under the age of 10 years. The symptoms include a purpuric rash (mainly of the lower extremities), swollen and painful joints, colicky abdominal pain and in some cases involvement of the kidneys. It is a relatively benign illness that resolves with nothing more than supportive care in the majority of cases. Most patients are back to their baseline within a few weeks, but there are a few exceptions.

  1. Winter Coughs That Won’t Go Away ›

    Yes, it’s true that there are plenty of winter viruses causing colds and coughs, but know when to say when…

  1. To Test Or Not To Test — That Is Not The Question ›

    Allergy tests, both skin and blood (RAST) tests, are very useful but must be correlated with the patient’s history and clinical food trials. False positive tests are seen and may lead to an overly restrictive diet or unnecessary allergy shots.

  1. Five Tips To A Successful Parent-Teacher-Student Conference ›

    With teamwork, there’s no problem that can’t be solved. This article offers five helpful tips to help you, the parent, bridge your child’s learning experiences at home and at school. Learn some strategies to get you ready for parent-teacher-student conferences and hold your child accountable for his role in the learning process.

  1. Time: The Most Precious Gift ›

    With busy family schedules, giving the gift of time requires commitment and planning. By taking the steps to provide loving time, parents and children discover an added degree of intimacy and joy.

  1. When Are Moles a Concern? ›

    Moles, or pigmented nevi, are very common. There are two major classifications of pigmented nevi: congenital or acquired, Which should you be concerned about?

  1. Whooping Cough Epidemic ›

    What is pertussis, and why is everyone talking about whooping cough? What you need to know for your family’s best health.

  1. The Art Of Reframing ›


  1. Bed Bugs ›

    Bed bug infestations are on the rise, and they really are a blood sucking parasite.

  1. Concussion Update: What Parents Need To Know ›

    Athletes with a concussion should stay off the field and never return to play on the same day as experiencing the concussion.

  1. One More Look: The Importance Of Reading ›

    The lack of literacy in the United States can be fixed by following David Baldacci's suggestions.

  1. School Is Starting: Get Prepared ›

    Follow these suggestions to smooth the transition from summer vacation to another school year.

  1. Child Safety: Being Aware Of your Surroundings, Part 2 ›

    Last month we talked about the importance of children being attuned to their environment and being able to respond appropriately to their surroundings. For July let’s take a look at several common places and interactions that parents may use to help their children learn these important observational and reaction skills.

  1. Young Boy With A Limp — Toxic Synovitis ›

    This viral infection is self-limiting and resolves with time.

  1. Autism Study On Vaccines Retracted ›

    A retraction announcement was made linking measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism and bowel disease.

  1. From Over The Top To Moderation ›

    Keep birthday parties sane and enjoyable with a few simple tips.

  1. Chronic Daily Headaches: What Can You Do For Your Teenager? ›

    Here are some tips to help figure out your child’s headaches.

  1. Separation Anxiety Disorder ›

    Separation anxiety disorder has an impact on the entire family. It is imperative that parents get involved in the child's treatment.

  1. Safety Tips: Local Community Campaign ›

    Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and Kohl's Department Store sponsored a safety campaign that would benefit all children. It is called "Count to 10 For Child Safety."

  1. Healthy Choices For Your Teenager And Family ›

    Dr. Livingston examines the choices we make in our daily life, school, and more.

  1. Does Technology Affect Attention ›

    Some studies indicate a link between excessive internet use and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  1. Facts About Melatonin As A Sleep Aid, Part 2 ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at Melatonin in part two or this article.

  1. Facts About Melatonin As A Sleep Aid ›

    Dr. Theriot examines Melatonin's usage as a sleep aid.

  1. Temporary Henna Tattoos ›

    Henna paste in tattoos is usually safe. However, if PPD, a chemical known as para-phenylenediamine is mixed in, a problem for some may become an issue.

  1. The Special Needs Of The Gifted Child, Part 3 ›

    Dr. Theriot concludes his look at the needs of gifted children.

  1. The Special Needs Of The Gifted Child, Part 2 ›

    Dr. Theriot continues his examination of the needs of gifted children.

  1. Childhood Obesity Trends ›

    A quick look at the growing issue of childhood obesity.

  1. The Special Needs Of The Gifted Child, Part 1 ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at the gifted child.

  1. What A Strange Place For Strep ›

    This is a common skin infection that affects children from six months to 10 years of age. It is a bacteria that causes the classic strep throat, but is not a systemic infection.

  1. Summer Movies And Kids ›

    What is wrong with taking my elementary school age kids to see an R rated movie? They don't understand the content anyway. Or do they?

  1. Dangers of Swimming Pools ›

    The tragedy of losing a family member to a drowning can never be forgotten. That is especially true if the victim was a minor child, left in your supervision. How could this have happened?

  1. Bullying: What Should A Parent Do? ›

    Dr. Livingston looks at the steps a parent can take when their child is the victim of bullying.

  1. Do I Love My Child Enough To Discipline? ›

    A look at effective discipline techniques.

  1. Your Child Is Sick. So Can He Go To School? The Updated Guidelines On When To Exclude Ill Children ›

    No parent WANTS to send their sick child to day care or school, but all parents know that sometimes you HAVE to. If all sick children had to stay home, parents would likely almost never get to work and kids would miss much of their education.

  1. Cyber Bullying, Part 2 ›

    Part two of our look at cyber bullying.

  1. Cyber Bullying ›

    Part one of a two-part examination of cyber bullying.

  1. Sleeping With Mom And Dad ›

    How to resolve an unwanted co-sleeping situation.

  1. Stimulants and Growth ›

    Part one of a two-part look at stimulants and growth.

  1. Personal Televisions And Teens ›

    A quick look at trends observed in teens with personal televisions.

  1. Daytrana—The New Patch for ADHD ›

    A new transdermal patch improves control of ADHD symptoms.

  1. A Dinnertime Topic for Discussion: Have You Heard of the Choking Game? ›

    Know the warning signs of children playing the choking game.

  1. Your Basic Fluid Needs ›

    This is a reminder of the importance of adequate fluid hydration and your body's need for water.

  1. Can Children Really Get Migraines? ›

    Learn more about migraines in children.

  1. My Kids Are Playing Doctor! Help! ›

    The curiosity of a child attempts to explore and compare their body parts with another child. What response should the parent have to this activity?

  1. Loving The Skin You’re In: Basic Skin Care ›

    Our skin is an organ and should be protected. It can be inflamed due to many factors. We should be aware of some basic principles of skin care to protect it.

  1. Too Much TV Watching? ›

    Dr. Welty examines the risk factors involved with children's TV-viewing habits.

  1. A Safe Summer Goodie Bag ›

    Summertime is here and we all look forward to the change in routine. Sun and surf call. But we should be prepared by incorporating safe and sound “goodies”.

  1. Get Ready—Get Set—Go Read ›

    Tips for how to peak interest in reading.

  1. Beating The Heat ›

    Follow Dr. Cox's tips for staying cool and safe.

  1. Sinusitis in Children: Often Times Things Aren’t Always As They Appear ›

    The treatment of sinusitis deserves special attention. A true sinus infection must be treated with 14 - 21 days of antibiotics.

  1. Who’s in Charge Here? ›

    The hallmark of effective parenting is a consistent and unified approach by both parents.

  1. How Do Diseases Get Their Name? Chicken Pox and Fifth Disease ›

    Here is the origin of chicken pox and Fifth disease.

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