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The Informed Parent

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  1. Healthy Weight and Beverage Choices For Children ›

    Dr. Cox examines the childhood obesity epidemic and the degree to which sugar-sweetened beverages play a role.

  1. What Happened To My Sweet Child? ›

    The middle school years are a time of rapid maturation. With boundaries, acceptance, guidance and support "tweens" grow into stronger people and students.

  1. How Much Fluoride Is Enough? ›

    A look at fluoride intake.

  1. Helicopter Parents ›

    When parents learn the skill of letting go at appropriate stages the result is that children usually want to stay close and connected to family as they grow into adolescence and adulthood.

  1. My Space - Part II ›

    There are pitfalls for the pediatric population still learning how to navigate social relationships, societal boundaries and peer interactions.

  1. When Loved Ones Die ›

  1. My Space ›

    Many parents are unaware of what their kids are doing on the computer.

  1. Parents and Kids Are Not Always Friends ›

    Children cannot meet or exceed expectations that are unknown and cannot be successful without a clear understanding of the consequences of their decisions, both large and small.

  1. Different Areas Of Loss Within The Adoption Program ›

    Special problems arise when a child is adopted after months or years in institutionalized care.

  1. When You Receive Bad News ›

    What parents can expect to experience when they receive bad news about their child.

  1. Outcomes From Nontraditional Adoptive Placements ›

    An overview of nontraditional adoptions.

  1. The Cognitive And Emotional Outcome of Adopted Children ›

    A look at the factors that contribute to a positive adoption outcome.

  1. Teenage Drivers ›

    A big picture look at teenagers behind the wheel.

  1. A Look At Today’s Adoption Programs ›

    An overview of adoption programs.

  1. Know Your Foods ›

    Taking a closer look at the foods you eat.

  1. Holiday Precautions ›

    Celebrate the holidays safely with these helpful hints.

  1. Creating Magic ›

    The necessities and work of everyday can feel overwhelming. It may seem like there isn't much time for fun and magic. Remember, magic is more an attitude and the development of skill.

  1. Prepare For Your Trip With Ease ›

  1. Bicycle Helmets ›

    Dr. Welty examines the most important piece of bicycle-riding equipment: the helmet.

  1. Lawnmower Safety ›

    Tips for safely mowing the lawn.

  1. Reading With Children ›

    Tips for making rewarding reading a part of you and your child's daily lives.

  1. Free To Be Yourself ›

    One of the greatest gifts parents can give their children is the gift of acceptance just the way they are.

  1. Ask For What You Want ›

    How to set an example to our children for making respectful, appropriate requests.

  1. Protecting Your Children and Megan’s Law ›

  1. Slowing Down In A Fast-Paced Culture ›

    Slow down with these tips to foster down time.

  1. Lessons From An Infant And A Puppy ›

    It is through quietness and observation that we learn the important lessons of life. Babies and puppies learn about their environment and how to be in the world.

  1. Vegetarianism ›

    To classify oneself as a vegetarian you must understand the benefits as well as the deficiencies in this life style.

  1. Raising Successful and Happy Children ›

    Eight keys to success in raising happy children.

  1. Children And Cars: A Deadly Combination ›

    Parents should take these precautions to make sure their children are safe in and around cars.

  1. Drug Use In Students, Part Two ›

    A continued look at drug use among children.

  1. Drug Use In Students, Part One ›

    A look at major drug surveys and what they say about drug use by children.

  1. Eating Problems In Young Children: An Informed, Positive Parenting Approach ›

    Implementing some of the suggestions in this article may be sufficient to eliminate most minor eating problems.

  1. Summer Camp Fun ›

    Homesickness is an expected emotion when youngsters first go to camp. Here are some positive steps to take before camp begins.

  1. Preparing For Summer Fun ›

    With forethought and preparation, summer days can be fulfilling for children and adults alike.

  1. The Family Meeting ›

    One of the most effective strategies that families can use to problem solve, generate ideas for fun, and create genuine respect for each other is the family meeting.

  1. When She Parents His Kids ›

    The responsibility of parenting your spouse or significant other’s children is a process. Rarely does the new family look like the fantasy that you and your partner had when you decided to become a couple.

  1. Parenting Another Man’s Kids ›

    Step-parenting or parenting the children of a significant other takes courage, patience, and maturity. Here are tips.

  1. Pet Ownership: Making An Informed Decision ›

    Dr. Cox looks at the rewards and considerations that need to go into pet ownership.

  1. Screen Time ›

    Dr. Samson takes a look at the amount of time kids spend on the computer, and the dynamic between parents and children in determining an appropriate amount.

  1. Let’s Review The Basics ›

    Effective parenting is a process. Here are the basics for success.

  1. The Depressed Youth, Part 2 ›

    Second part of a two-part article on pediatric depression.

  1. Emergency Room 101 ›

    Answers to the question “When or what about my child would need to be treated in the emergency room?”

  1. Making Family Resolutions ›

    Commitment to family resolutions makes good family times better and difficult times more endurable.

  1. The Depressed Youth ›

    The first of a two-part article on pediatric depression.

  1. Alternative Medicine: Herbal Remedies ›

    Dr. Cox examines popular herbal remedies.

  1. Changing Schools ›

    Examining the reasons and motivations behind changing schools.

  1. Bonding And Attachment In Infancy and Early Childhood ›

    How to foster bonding with your baby.

  1. Who Makes Medical Decisions After The Divorce ›

    Dr. Welty examines custody arrangements and their impact on pediatric care.

  1. The Art Of Apology ›

    The purpose of an apology is not to admit guilt. It is to reconnect with another when there has been a breach in the relationship.

  1. Kids and the News ›

    Strategies for dealing with TV and Radio News's exposure to kids.

  1. How Parental Depression Affects Children ›

    Researches have found two seemingly opposite responses in children to their parents' low mood.

  1. It’s Not Easy Being Green ›

    How to make “being green” a family activity that's fun.

  1. Code of Discipline - part 2 ›

    How to establish appropriate discipline for your child, part two.

  1. The Art of Talking With Children ›

    Suggestions for improving parent/children communication.

  1. The Basis Of Sleep Problems ›

    A look at the results of a sleep study focused on sleep disorders in children and adolescents.

  1. Helping Kids Get (and Stay) Organized ›

    Learn how to teach your child organizational skills that will serve them in all life’s endeavors.

  1. Expanding Children’s Development Through Nature ›

    As parents, we must do our best to provide experiences in nature for our children both to expand their development and to instill an appreciation of the natural environment.

  1. Summer Learning ›

    Learning comes in fun packages. Even if your child is not attending summer school you can make the days rich and rewarding.

  1. Ten Tips That Promote Healthy Brain Development In Children ›

    Advice for healthy brain development.

  1. International Adoption ›

    For parents who are considering adopting a child from abroad, a wealth of information is available to help make informed and proper choices.

  1. When Grandparents Raise the Kids ›

    How to bridge the communication gap that can occur between grandparents and their grandchildren.

  1. I’m Bored ›

    What to do when your child comes to you saying, "I'm bored."

  1. Concerns For The Out-of-Country Adoption ›

    An overview of concerns new parents and children might have with an out-of-country adoption.

  1. Maternal Depression ›

    A look at maternal depression.

  1. Taking Control Of Your Life ›

    A look at how to prioritize the most important parts of your life.

  1. More Help For Anxious Worriers ›

    There is a wide range of emotional responses that children and adults display in response to a disaster.

  1. Ten Tips For Reading Success ›

    Ten easy tips for making your child a successful reader.

  1. The Bully And His Victim ›

    A look at how to resolve bullying.

  1. Choosing Day Care For School-Age Children ›

    Concerns and questions every parent should have when choosing day care for an older child.

  1. Choosing Day Care For Infants And Young Children ›

    Four standards to look for when selecting day care for your infant and young child.

  1. Choosing Toys For Tots ›

    Here are a few principles that make choosing toys easier.

  1. Teaching Family Values ›

    Just as in all effective parenting, the teaching of family values requires consistency, support, and acknowledgment.

  1. Once The Game Begins, You Can’t Change The Rules ›

    A look at the essential ingredients to responsible parenting.

  1. Being Alert To Child Abuse ›

    Signs and symptoms of child abuse.

  1. Attention, Attention! ›

    Helping children learn to attend longer and with greater focus takes time. It requires that parents provide opportunities for their children in which they themselves participate.

  1. Good Reading Habits ›

    Dr. Welty gives some helpful steps parents can take to foster a love of reading in their children.

  1. No-Lose Strategies For Success, part 2 ›

    Part two of a two-part article on no-lose strategies for success.

  1. Keep It Simple ›

    Taking the risk of keeping the holidays simple requires the knowledge that you can have more fun when you are not overwhelmed with the extra time, effort, and money that many spend.

  1. No-Lose Strategies For Success ›

    Tip for a more harmonious and cooperative home.

  1. Tired All The Time ›

    Why children need downtime.

  1. Talking In Their Sleep ›

  1. Reviewing the Principles ›

    A quick review of the essentials for a smoothly running household.

  1. Who Do I Live With After The Divorce? ›

    A quick look at how parents can agree on custody of a child after a divorce.

  1. The Good-Enough Parent ›

    Parents who protect their children from the fullness of life fall into the trap of the too-good parent. Being a good-enough parent allows children to learn the lessons necessary in mastering life and the skills of being a member of a group.

  1. What About Summer School? ›

    Children's lives run more smoothly when their time is structured. There are three primary advantages for attending summer school. Does your child fit in?

  1. Avoiding Bedtime Battles ›

    Tips for establishing an effective bedtime ritual.

  1. What Do Our Readers Say? ›

    A look at some statistics about our readers.

  1. The Effect of Beliefs on Achievement ›

    Tips for changing kids attitudes about their abilities.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Babywalkers; Escalators; Over-The-Counter Medications ›

    Dr. Samson reviews the periodic literature for articles of interest to parents.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Antibiotics ›

    A mystery is solved, and the family dog regains its health.

  1. You Have To Laugh ›

    Dr. Theriot relates an amusing encounter with a four-year-old.

  1. Time Is Of The Essence ›

    Time is the most cherished gift we can give a child.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Internship ›

    Time flew when this pediatrician did his internship.

  1. Stuttering ›

    Dr. Welty looks at the causes of stuttering and recommendations for treatment.

  1. Self-care For The Informed Parent ›

    A look at the importance of making time for oneself.

  1. Childhood Obesity ›

    Dr. Theriot presents a case study on childhood obesity.

  1. Idols With Clay Feet ›

    Remember, no matter what you think, your children have put you on a pedestal. They want you to be their hero. Do not let them down.

  1. Being A Father: The Man In The Arena ›

    Theodore Roosevelt's advice to fathers.

  1. Setting Limits With Your Teen ›

    An examination on setting and enforcing limits with your teen.

  1. Avoid Those Homework Hassles ›

    These homework tips can made the dreaded homework time less so.

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