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  1. Fever…From A Urinary Tract Infection ›

    The baby keeps running a fever with no other symptoms. What could it be?

  1. What’s Up Doc? ›

    A review of articles dealing with a new way to measure bilirubin in infants, the effect of acetametaphen in relieving pain, and the importance of vaccines to prevent meningitis and whooping cough.

  1. Fever Reducers And Pain Relievers: What Parents Need To Know ›

    Medications such as Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are often recommended for fever or pain relief for infants and children. There have been some recent important changes in these recommendations and dosages. Parents need to be very cautious since these medications can be dangerous if given improperly.

  1. Fever Is Our Friend: How Come Reptiles Are Smarter Than Humans? ›

    Due to the large volume of phone calls from our patients regarding FEVER, we will be running this article again! This is a topic that needs to be addressed every cold weather season. It is time for a clearer understanding of the topic of elevated body temperature.

  1. Fever And Rash In A One-Year-Old That Is Not Roseola…But Due To A Vaccine We Gave ›

    Symptoms for Roseola are not always fool proof.

  1. Your Child Is Sick. So Can He Go To School? The Updated Guidelines On When To Exclude Ill Children ›

    No parent WANTS to send their sick child to day care or school, but all parents know that sometimes you HAVE to. If all sick children had to stay home, parents would likely almost never get to work and kids would miss much of their education.

  1. Kawasaki Syndrome ›

    A look at Kawasaki syndrome.

  1. Flu Season is Coming! Prevention and Treatment For Your Family ›

    Dr. Livingston looks at steps you can take to deal with the flu.

  1. A Simple Medical Travel Bag ›

    Dr. Cox puts together the essentials every parent should had when traveling.

  1. Evaluate the Whole Patient—Not Just the Fever, Part 2 ›

    Useful information about fevers, including how a child with a fever of 102 degrees can be sicker than a child with a fever of 105 degrees.

  1. Flu 101: Important Questions and Answers ›

    Here are some basic facts about the flue than everyone should know.

  1. Trouble In Paradise ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at dengue fever.

  1. Influenza ›

    Dr. Samson clears up a common misconception about flu shots and influenza.

  1. Fever In Newborns ›

    A look at why a newborn with a slight fever may need to be treated with antibiotics.

  1. The Flu Bug Strikes Again ›

    Dr. Welty takes another look at the seasonal flu.

  1. Questions & Answers: Febrile Seizures ›

    Dr. Theriot answers a patient's question about febrile seizures.

  1. Over-the-Counter Medications; A Review for Parents ›

    Learn more about over-the-counter preparations.

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