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The Informed Parent

You’re viewing: John H. Samson, M.D., F.A.A.P.

  1. Shyness and Self-Esteem ›

    Dr. Samson answers a parent's question about their child's shyness.

  1. Kids In A Plane ›

    Observations on air travel with children.

  1. No One Can Read His Scribbling ›

    A look at the improvements brought on by Ritalin.

  1. Vaginal Exams ›

    Information on when Pap smears are warranted for teenagers.

  1. Parent Fan Rage ›

    Dr. Samson takes a look at this unfortunate development.

  1. The Many Faces of Food Allergies ›

    Diagnosing a food allergy may cut short years of annoying symptoms.

  1. Sleep Patterns For Your Kids ›

    View the typical sleep requirements for children ages one month through twelve years and older.

  1. Pros and Cons of Preschool, Part 2 ›

    The necessity and value is discussed in a frank and hopefully unbiased manner. You must be the judge of what is best for your child. Base your decision on fact, not emotion.

  1. Pros And Cons Of Preschool, Part 1 ›

    The necessity and value is discussed in a frank and hopefully unbiased manner. You must be the judge of what is best for your child. Base your decision on fact, not emotion.

  1. Once The Game Begins, You Can’t Change The Rules ›

    A look at the essential ingredients to responsible parenting.

  1. All Of A Sudden The ADD Medicine Stopped Working ›

    Dr. Samson looks at some of the reasons why ADD medicines seem to stop working.

  1. Stopping Nosebleeds ›

    Dr. Samson looks at how to treat and prevent nosebleeds.

  1. Gum-chewing Athletes ›

    A heart-breaking story of the danger of gum-chewing and athletics.

  1. Tired All The Time ›

    Why children need downtime.

  1. TMJ Syndrome ›

    A look at diagnosing TMJ syndrome.

  1. Water Parasite ›

    A look at Giardia lamblia and how to avoid this parasite.

  1. Pedialyte ›

    This is a useful source of fluid to the child with gastroenteritis (stomach flu).

  1. Pinworms ›

    A case of pinworms—and the cure.

  1. You Are What You Eat ›

    Dr. Samson explores the behavioral changes that can occur when avoiding certain foods, including the alleviation of ADHD behavior.

  1. What Do Our Readers Say? ›

    A look at some statistics about our readers.

  1. Dangerous Weight Loss ›

    A look at the complications of weight loss.

  1. College Students and A.D.D. ›

    There are many misconceptions about ADHD and stimulant therapy. The problem rests in an accurate diagnosis.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Babywalkers; Escalators; Over-The-Counter Medications ›

    Dr. Samson reviews the periodic literature for articles of interest to parents.

  1. Scanning the Journals: Antibiotics; Air Guns; Delayed School Entry ›

    Dr. Samson reviews journal entires on a variety of topics of interest to parents.

  1. Question & Answer: Moody ›

    A look at some of the reasons a 15-year-old might be moodier than when she was younger.

  1. Scanning The Journals: ADHD; Chickenpox ›

    Dr. Samson scans the journals for articles of interest to parents.

  1. Myth Busting: Does Milk Make Mucus? ›

    Dr. Samson's advice on whether to withhold dairy products from your sick child.

  1. Ear Infections ›

    A look at options for reducing ear infections, including removing adenoids and ventilation-tube surgery.

  1. Time Is Of The Essence ›

    Time is the most cherished gift we can give a child.

  1. Questions and Answers: Discipline ›

    Dr. Samson answers a patient's question about how to handle disciplining her child.

  1. Questions and Answers: Ear Problems and Allergies ›

    Dr. Samson answers the question of whether milk allergies could cause ear problems.

  1. Fluids And The Athlete ›

    Tips for making sure players are hydrated.

  1. Influenza ›

    Dr. Samson clears up a common misconception about flu shots and influenza.

  1. Use Of Water In Sports ›

    A look at staying cool and preventing dehydration.

  1. Inhaled Steroids and Slow Growth ›

    A look at the inhaled steroids and growth.

  1. Question & Answer: Hyperventilation ›

    Hyperventilation usually starts with anxiety, frustration, excitement, fatigue, anger, exertion, or fright. Sometimes it seem totally unprovoked.

  1. The Making of a Pediatrician (2 of 2) ›

    The conclusion of a two-part article about becoming a pediatrician.

  1. The Making of a Pediatrician (1 of 2) ›

    Part one of a two-part article on becoming a pediatrician.

  1. Childhood Athletics Can Be A Positive Experience ›

    Some thoughts on how to make sure your child has a good experience with sports.

  1. How Important Are Sports For Your Child? ›

    Dr. Samson looks at the importance of sports.

  1. To Vaccinate Or Not: Part 2 ›

    A look at the importance of vaccinations.

  1. Idols With Clay Feet ›

    Remember, no matter what you think, your children have put you on a pedestal. They want you to be their hero. Do not let them down.

  1. Being A Father: The Man In The Arena ›

    Theodore Roosevelt's advice to fathers.

  1. Once Again, To Vaccinate Or Not ›

    Dr. Samson looks at the life-saving benefits of immunizations.

  1. The Great Pretender ›

    A look at a case of A.D.D. and dyslexia.

  1. Say What You Mean: How to Communicate With Your Child ›

    Dr. Samson provides advice on how to more clearly communicate with your child.

  1. Chest Pains ›

    Chest pain in a teenager does not usually indicate heart or lung disease if it is very short in duration and an isolated finding.

  1. A.D.D. Fact or Fiction? ›

    An examination of the debate over A.D.D.

  1. No Opinion Requested: None Given ›

    Dr. Samson offers some advice to grandparents.

  1. Sugar Gets A Bum Rap ›

    Dr. Samson looks at the claim that sugar makes kids hyper.

  1. Question and Answer: Food Allergies ›

    Dr. Samson answers your question about food allergies.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Substance Abuse ›

    Dr. Samson's recommended reading for parents of those with substance abuse.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Father’s Role; Growth-Hormone Deficiency; ADHD ›

    A recap of recent pediatric literature.

  1. Violence Begets Violence? ›

    Ways of coping with on-screen violence.

  1. Violence And The Paranoid Child ›

    A look at how parents can minimize or control paranoia development in their children.

  1. Scanning The Journals: The Flu; Thermometer; Sleep Position ›

    A look at the pediatric literature including articles on the flue, thermometers and sleep positions as they pertain to motor milestones.

  1. Warts, Frogs and Cats ›

    A look at some folk medicine cures for warts.

  1. Myth Busting: Runny Nose ›

    Nasal drainage can appear cloudy due to other causes than a bacterial infection.

  1. Scanning The Journals ›

    A look at articles on stature, lacerations, and infant risk factors.

  1. Scanning the Journals ›

    A quick look at the value of the PREP publications.

  1. Scanning The Journals ›

    A quick look at a wide range of pediatric topics in recent journals.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Strep; ADHD; Tree Swing Injuries ›

    Dr. Samson reviews articles of interest in pediatrics.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Breastfeeding; Steroids ›

    Dr. Samson examines the pediatric literature.

  1. Scanning The Journals: ADHD; Strep Tests; Trampolines ›

    Dr. Samson examines the pediatric literature.

  1. A.D.D. And the Medical Literature Over the Past Two Years: A “Scanning the Journals” Feature Article ›

    A look at the pediatric literature on A.D.D.

  1. Scanning The Journals: Lead; Vaccines; Hepatitis ›

    Dr. Samson summarizes the pediatric literature.

  1. Over-the-Counter Medications; A Review for Parents ›

    Learn more about over-the-counter preparations.

  1. Discipline ›

    How to develop a uniform and consistent disciplinary approach.

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