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The Informed Parent

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  1. Normal For Newborns ›

    What is a normal bowel movement for a newborn? What about the infant’s snorting and sneezing? When should I be concerned?

  1. A Cheap And Effective Treatment For Warts ›

    Warts are caused by a virus, the human papillomavirus, and can occur virtually anywhere there is skin. The peak age in the pediatric population is around 12-16 years. Interestingly, over 66 percent of ALL warts in children will resolve spontaneously within two years without any treatment.

  1. Costochronditis In A Cheerleader ›

    This is a self-limiting inflammatory process that will resolve on its own in time. Some cases are caused by a virus. Others are a result of overuse of the muscles in the chest.

  1. An Underachieving Sixth-Grader…More Than Attention Deficit Disorder ›

    How a few classroom changes, along with the right prescription, have made a difference.

  1. Hot Tub Folliculitis Strikes Again ›

    An examination of Folliculitis.

  1. Reflux and Hernias ›

    A look at reflux and hernias.

  1. Labial Adhesions ›

    My baby has a vaginal web! What can I do to make her normal?

  1. The Many Faces of Pinworm ›

    A look at three different scenarios of having pinworms.

  1. CT Scan Versus MRI ›

    Radiology has come a long way with the advent of CT Scans and MRI’s.  Here are the differences in the two imagings.

  1. Spring Is Here…And So Is Fifth Disease ›

    EI is a benign illness in general. Only 15 - 30% of affected individuals with EI will develop a fever, which tends to be low-grade. The first real sign of EI is a red rash of the cheeks that is often described as a “slapped-face” appearance.

  1. Resistant Staph: A New Plague? ›

    A look at resistant MRSA.

  1. Is Mercury A Concern In Vaccines? ›

    Dr. Theriot examines the evidence on whether mercury in vaccines is a concern for parents, as well as options parents have when it comes to vaccines.

  1. Weightlifting for Pre-teens? ›

    Is your pre-teen interested in weightlifting? Dr. Theriot looks at whether weightlifting is safe for your older child.

  1. West Nile Virus 2002 ›

    A look back at West Nile virus.

  1. Smallpox—2002 ›

    A look at smallpox and the vaccines available.

  1. Breastfeeding and Sleep…Or Lack Thereof ›

    A look at how the amount and frequency of feedings can affect how well they—and you—sleep through the night.

  1. Heat Related Sports Illnesses ›

    A look at heat-related syndromes.

  1. Type II Diabetes ›

    Dr. Theriot relates the causes, concerns and treatments for type II diabetes in children.

  1. Cat Scratch Disease ›

  1. International Adoption ›

    For parents who are considering adopting a child from abroad, a wealth of information is available to help make informed and proper choices.

  1. Measles…In the Year 2002? ›

    Measles can be a devastating disease, especially for the younger patients.

  1. Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome ›

    Dr. Theriot examines WPW, a not-so-rare condition that occurs in otherwise healthy individuals.

  1. Trouble In Paradise ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at dengue fever.

  1. When Is Too Much, Too Much? ›

    Do some of us overschedule our kids in physical activities? Dr. Theriot recalls a patient history that shows what can happen when our kids over-extend themselves.

  1. Chickenpox Parties…I Think Not ›

    Why a chickenpox party is not a good idea.

  1. Chickenpox Parties…I Think Not ›

    What parents need to know is that chickenpox is NOT a benign disease; it has potentially dreadful side effects.

  1. Head Trauma In Sports ›

    A look at the important criteria which need to be met to allow an athlete who has suffered a head injury to return to play.

  1. Congenital Glaucoma ›

    Dr. Theriot examines the signs and symptoms of congenital glaucoma.

  1. Up Your Nose ›

    When a patient comes into the office with sniffles, Dr. Theriot finds more than he expects.

  1. It Ain’t Ringworm ›

    Pityiasis Rosea is often mistaken for ringworm. Yet it is self-limiting and self-resolving that will clear up on its own.

  1. Busting Pediatric Myths ›

    Does milk cause mucus? Does food make acne worse? These myths and more get debunked by Dr. Theriot.

  1. Hand Foot And Mouth…Not Hoof And Mouth ›

    Though they sound the same, there's a big difference.

  1. Normal Breast Development In An Adolescent Male ›

    Two-thirds of all males experience gynecomastia at mid-puberty. Is it a problem or not?

  1. The Dreaded Stitch ›

    Dr. Theriot examines the stitch that can afflict runners.

  1. I Had The Flu…I Think ›

    A look at three patients and their "flu" symptoms.

  1. The Newborn Visit ›

    An example of parents' first visit to a pediatrician.

  1. Meningococcal Disease - Part Two ›

    Part two.

  1. Antibiotics…Or Not? ›

    A look at the decisions doctors make in determining whether a patient requires antibiotics.

  1. Meningococcal Disease - Part One ›

    A brief overview of N. meningitides, the disease it causes, the vaccine that is currently available, and the preventive measures used when it occurs. Part one of two.

  1. Carotenemia: A Look With A Jaundiced Eye ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at a common condition in babies, how it's caused and the remedies.

  1. Nursemaids Elbow ›

    A look at this common injury among young children.

  1. Summertime Woes ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at issues with water activities common during the summer.

  1. Autism And The MMR Vaccine: A Look At The Controversy ›

    Studies are ongoing to try to unlock the mystery of autism. The cause is not known. The Center for Disease Control does not recommend changing the immunization schedule, that is giving the MMR vaccine at one year of age.

  1. A New Vaccine for Young Children ›

    A look at Prevnar, a conjugate vaccine.

  1. Breath Holding Spells ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at breath holding spells in children.

  1. Billy’s Story ›

    A pediatrician's story of breaking bad news.

  1. Urinary Tract Infections In Infants ›

    Dr. Theriot discusses urinary tract infections in infants.

  1. Newborn Hearing ›

    Hearing loss is one of the more common congenital abnormalities that is seen in newborns, occurring in around 1-3/1000 live births.

  1. Questions & Answers: Hand Foot and Mouth disease; Chickenpox vaccine ›

    Answers to questions about Hand Foot and Mouth disease, as well as the Chickenpox vaccine.

  1. Question and Answer: Molluscum ›

    An explanation of Molluscum.

  1. Before Immunizations ›

    Dr. Theriot gives examples of what life was like prior to the introduction of immunizations.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Antibiotics ›

    A mystery is solved, and the family dog regains its health.

  1. Question & Answer: Measles ›

    Is it measles?

  1. You Have To Laugh ›

    Dr. Theriot relates an amusing encounter with a four-year-old.

  1. What is Spondylolysis? ›

    Dr. Theriot answers a question about Spondylolysis.

  1. Sever’s Disease ›

    Dr. Theriot answers a question about Sever's disease.

  1. How to Choose a Pediatrician ›

    Dr. Theriot helps a mother-to-be choose a pediatrician.

  1. Questions & Answers: Finding a pre-school for your child ›

    Dr. Theriot offers advice on how to find a good pre-school for your child.

  1. Fifth Disease ›

    An explanation of Fifth Disease.

  1. Questions & Answers: Shingles ›

    What to do if your child's caregiver has shingles?

  1. Appendicitis ›

    Dr. Theriot offers advice to a parent concerned their child might have appendicitis.

  1. Questions & Answers: Painful bowel movements ›

    Dr. Theriot gives reasons for painful bowel movements in children.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Internship ›

    Time flew when this pediatrician did his internship.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Propeller Nose ›

    The things three-year-olds think to put up their nose.

  1. Questions & Answers: Tuberculosis ›

    What to do if your child's friend tests positive for TB?

  1. What…Another Vaccine???: The Hepatitis A Vaccine ›

    A look at the hepatitis A vaccine.

  1. Questions & Answers: When A Cold Needs An Antibiotic ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at the causes of colds and when an antibiotic is useful.

  1. The Hepatitis B Vaccine and Multiple Sclerosis: Fact or Fiction? ›

    Dr. Theriot examines the Hepatitis B Vaccine.

  1. Spider Bites ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at spider bites.

  1. Questions & Answers: Jaundice ›

    Dr. Theriot answers a question about jaundice.

  1. Questions & Answers: Jaundice ›

    Dr. Theriot answers a question about jaundice.

  1. Questions & Answers: Honey on Pacifiers; Ear Infections ›

  1. Growing Pains In Children ›

    A look at this benign, but troublesome, condition.

  1. Tetanus Shots: Not Just For Kids ›

    Why everyone, not just kids, needs a tetanus shot.

  1. The Pregnancy Consult ›

    A primer on what parents-to-be should look for in a pregnancy consult.

  1. Creatine Use In Teenagers: A Good Or Bad Idea? Part 2 ›

    Dr. Theriot follows up with more information about creatine.

  1. Fever In Newborns ›

    A look at why a newborn with a slight fever may need to be treated with antibiotics.

  1. Potty Training…When To Start? ›

    Find out when your child is ready to begin toilet training.

  1. Childhood Obesity ›

    Dr. Theriot presents a case study on childhood obesity.

  1. Croup…A Parent’s Nightmare ›

    Typically seen in the winter months, croup is a viral infection. It is important to contact your doctor with any questions.

  1. Gastro-esophageal Reflux: a spectrum of symptoms ›

    Dr. Theriot reviews the causes and symptoms of reflux.

  1. Hemangiomas: Blood Vessel Tissue ›

    Hemangiomas are vascular, or blood vessel tissues. They are not cancerous or dangerous. The two most common types are the salmon patch and the strawberry hemangiomas.

  1. Rashes and Parenting ›

    Sometimes it's easy to overlook the obvious. We must be open to constructive advice and be able to appreciate another's point of view.

  1. Chest Pain In Children ›

    Dr. Theriot looks at various causes for chest pain in children.

  1. Acne: The Bane of Teenagers ›

    This is a common skin disorder that affects nearly 85% of all people between the ages of 12 and 25 years. Read the four major factors that are key to acne and the major agents used today for treatment.

  1. Migraines In Children ›

    The treatment of childhood migraine requires an individualized approach that will vary with each child.

  1. Tics and Tourette Syndrome ›

    Dr. Theriot examines tic disorders and Tourette Syndrome.

  1. Undescended Testes ›

    Diagnosis and treatment for undescended testes.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Pinworms ›

    Dr. Theriot recounts a prescribed pinworm treatment.

  1. Questions & Answers: Hives ›

    Dr. Theriot answers your question about food allergies and hives.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Meningitis Test ›

    Dr. Theriot relates a late-night phone call.

  1. Quarters and Nickels: Test for Meningitis ›

    To allay the fear of possible meningitis here are some at-home tests to report to your doctor.

  1. Febrile Seizures ›

    Dr. Theriot examines febrile seizures.

  1. You Have To Laugh: Goldfish ›

  1. Questions & Answers: Fractures; Vaccinations ›

    Dr. Theriot answers questions about fractures and a parent's concern regarding an article about vaccinations and hair loss.

  1. When To Bring Your Child To The Doctor ›

    At the first sign of your child’s illness, call your doctor. Let him decide the next indicated course of action.

  1. Shingles ›

    A look at shingles in children.

  1. Enuresis: Is Bedwetting A Medical Problem? ›

    A look at bedwetting.

  1. Round Table Discussion On Why Children Get Ear Infections ›

    A look at ear infections from the perspective of three doctors.

  1. Questions & Answers: Giardia ›

    What is Giardia, and how to avoid it?

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