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The Informed Parent

A Few Quick Pediatric Dental Tips

by Shanna R. Cox, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Published on Aug. 13, 2012

A few quick reminders of current recommendations to maintain the health of your child’s teeth are:

  • Evaluate oral health with a pediatric dentist at a year of age. The evaluation may pick up a congenital issue or risk that can help you prevent future problems and dental costs!
  • Keep baby teeth clean--for the sake of the gums and the adult teeth that will replace them. 
  • NO breast, formula, or milk bottles in the crib. Baby bottle caries are the result!
  • Clean teeth twice a day, making sure to get the gums and molars.
  • Water is best to keep teeth clean and aid natural saliva in protecting dental enamel.
  • Sports and energy drinks can lead to increased rates of erosion in dental enamel because of increased acidity levels in comparison to typical saliva. Eliminate or minimize their consumption.
  • Start a routine of drinking water or rinsing the mouth with water after any sugary snacks. The less time the sugar sits on the teeth the less damage it will do!
  • Mouth guards are essential to protect young athletes. Make sure they are worn and cleaned appropriately.
  • Dental sealants for back areas in the mouth especially prone to cavities may offer another layer of protection for your child. 
  • Regular dental exams and cleanings should generally occur every six months.


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