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The Informed Parent

Good Deeds And Your Family, Part 2

In my May article I shared an experience about how I recently learned of a small company doing good for kids. It appealed to me individually and as a pediatrician to actively participate and, in this case, to buy a pair of TOM’S SHOES. Thereby, I was giving a pair of shoes to a child in need.

In these difficult times I find myself and the families I see daily being bombarded by hard facts and depressing information. Some of this is indeed reality, as things are different than many of us have known or gone through before. However, many of the stories on a daily basis are over amplified and almost sensationalistic. It becomes difficult to find good in your own or others lives. The constant level of anxiety seems to be permeating us right now. I am fortunate that in my work, on a day-to-day basis, the focus is on others. By doing this my belief is that I gain the benefit of helping myself to maintain some perspective on what is truly important.

Good deeds are an opportunity to create these same types of experiences and insights for your family. There are an overabundance of opportunities to shift your focus from the every day to something extraordinary by helping others. Whether it be an older couple down the street that needs help taking out the trash, or donating food to a family shelter. You can give time to those less fortunate or explore larger organized local or international charitable organizations. There is much a family can explore and discover about their community, themselves, and the world by giving to others. In thinking, talking and acting on a “giving” project, parents create unique and positive discussions for their families. They show themselves to be a good example, and give their children a chance to feel involved with the world beyond their doorstep. Families can choose the scope and extent of their project. It doesn’t have to be timely or costly; it could be a spontaneous act of kindness, or a much anticipated and planned for gift or activity.

The key to good deeds and your family is to make them an all encompassing affair. Even if older children are involved in their own activities, the whole family will benefit from taking the time to talk about charity, graciousness and what it means to complete a good deed. This discussion may bring up other topics about what other families are going through, and how it might be different than your own family’s experience. Engage your family in the idea of the good deed, as well as the process of turning that thought into action. There is a chance for a positive light to be shed on current events on both a national and local level. Make this time in your family’s life one in which you helped the lives of others. Thereby, you have created a value unable to be swept away with the next day’s events…whatever they may be.

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