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The Informed Parent

Ingredients For Powerful Parenting

by Carolyn Warnemuende, M.S.
Published on Aug. 05, 2013

Do you feel like a powerful parent? Powerful parents possess an inner feeling of confidence and clarity in their role. They know where to turn for guidance and help when family life does not go as they had hoped or expected. They receive an internal sense of gratification with family life.

While powerful parents embody numerous positive qualities, the following four take them a long way toward a feeling of success.

Be Passionate

Passionate parents learn and practice the skills of effective parenting and make them a priority. To the best of their abilities they nurture and care for their children using the highest level of competence that they possess.

As well as caring for their children’s physical needs, passionate parents provide social, emotional, and intellectual opportunities for their optimal development. They are willing to set boundaries and use consistent positive support and discipline. Their children know that they are loved and that they are safe.

Have Perspective

Powerful parents are capable of seeing the big picture. When there are setbacks in their children’s social, emotional and intellectual growth, and there will be, they don’t get thrown off center. They continue to conscientiously and consistently use effective parenting skills. They seek the guidance of professionals when necessary. Powerful parents with perspective believe the family foundation that they have laid will serve as a framework for future growth.


All parents occasionally feel frustrated and that their work is for naught. They think that their child or family is in a place where recovering to a state of normalcy is impossible. Powerful parents persevere during these times of doubt and fear. They understand that they may not see the fruits of their effective parenting immediately. They know that parenting powerfully and consciously is done not only for immediate results but because in the long run, it is best for their children and the family.

Parent With Integrity

Powerful parents do what is best for their children. They are not interested in impressing others. They know that by consistently using the best skills that they have they become trustworthy. Their children know that their parents mean what they say and are willing to follow through..

Using effective parenting skills can be humbling. For example, if their toddler throws an uncontrollable tantrum in the grocery store, powerful parents take the youngster and leave knowing that they will have to plan another shopping time and that an employee will need to reshelf the groceries. They may feel embarrassed yet are willing to do what is best for the child.

Because powerful parents are consistent and trustworthy, the children live with a sense of security and safety. It is not easy work. It requires parents to continually be on their toes. They must learn to communicate positively with their children during each developmental stage. They must be willing to give their children guidance when necessary and freedom when it is appropriate. When freedom is earned, used wisely, and  within agreed upon boundaries, it means accepting the decisions the children make. Powerful parents listen, support and are willing to say “No” when necessary.

Powerful parents recognize that they have done their best to prepare their children for life. When their children grow into adulthood, they know that there is mutual love and respect. They acknowledge and accept that they have succeeded at the work of powerful, effective parenting.

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