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The Informed Parent

Removing His Tonsils Altered His Personality

by Peter W. Welty, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Published on Jan. 15, 2007

Previous studies have demonstrated that following surgical removal of the tonsils, children with sleep-disordered breathing developed better school grades and overall improvement in their behaviors. A study from the journal LARYNGOSCOPE 2005 examined 52 children in the six months after surgical removal of their tonsils. This study was in the areas of emotional and behavioral functioning. Half of the patients studied were male.

Following surgery to remove tonsils, results showed that the symptoms of depression that had been noted before the surgery had dissipated. Only 67 percent of children before their surgery were reported as non-depressed. Yet, postoperatively, over 90 percent of children's scores fell within the normal range. Significant improvement in children after tonsillectomy was also seen in the areas of somatization, internalizing behaviors such as depression and anxiety, aggression, and hyperactivity.

See you child's pediatrician for further information.

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